We are innovative!

For us, innovation means questioning old things on a small but also on a large scale, internally or externally, constantly optimizing or even discarding them. Resting means standstill. We remain active! One of our most important innovations of the past and current basis is the completely new creation of the stationary temperature field (= innovative guarded hot plate apparatus) in the measuring zone of our single-plate Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter EP500e. More about this under Design and Function.

We are Engineers!

... for sales department, for development department and for the technical support. And of course, we have reliable mechatronic technicians in our workshop. With our mantra "We help to make your Quality!" we are looking for optimal, user-oriented and not for profit solutions when developing new things, when consulting in sales and when solving questions or problems for customers.

We are Developers!

Since we put our heart and soul into our work, we develop and manufacture almost everything ourselves, i.e.

  • the electronics of the measuring devices for regulation and control
  • the hardware (CAD, device construction) and the measuring plates (sensors, actuators) themselves
  • but most of all the powerful firmware of our measuring instruments
  • as well as the corresponding PC software.

The main focus is on

  • the increase of the performance of the measuring device in general
  • higher accuracy
  • reliability
  • short measuring times
  • simplification of technical support (thinking in modular construction)

We are sustainable!

Of course, the topic of "sustainability" is and always will be topical. It starts with the fact that our Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter EP500e are designed for a lifetime of 10 to 15 years or more. All components used for manufacturing must therefore comply with this. We already pay attention to this when selecting components and suppliers and attach great importance to attentiveness in manufacturing. Our motto for this is: "Quality is ... when the customer and not the device comes back!".

Furthermore we want to contribute to energy saving in a small way. Therefore we use the waste heat of our equipment room partly for heating offices and workshops. In addition, we reuse the packaging material of our suppliers for our further shipping.

We are pleased to offer our existing customers the possibility of a technical upgrade from old predecessor types to almost new thermal conductivity meters of the current device type, in order to

  • increase the accuracy of the instrument with new electronics
  • increase the usability with new electronics
  • simplify technical support with new intelligence

That's a lot of benefits for customers and for us as manufacturer together! In addition, we also take your old devices in payment for new purchases or other needs - for spare parts recovery or after disassembly into individual parts and professional disposal.


The origins of Lambda-Meßtechnik GmbH as a company are essentially within the Technical University of Dresden. Its history goes back to GDR times, when the University with a division for scientific instrument manufacture and research technology had to develop rare research technology and apply research results across a wide scope.

This division succeeded in developing a functional measurement tool, based on an unsteady thermocouple process, which had been worked out by the Institute of Thermodynamics.

In October 1993 the Lambda-Meßtechnik GmbH Dresden was founded as a company situated in the Dresden technology centre.

The company’s main business is the development and manufacture of tools for the determination of thermal conductivity, primarily for insulating and construction materials.

The company has usually a workforce of 6..8 employees. Offices, Laboratory and workshop are located on the campus of Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden) and University of Applied Sciences Dresden (HTW Dresden). 

The present main product is a new tool design called

Thermal Conductivity Test Tool lambda-Meter EP500e

in accordance with

  • ISO 8302,
  • ASTM C177,
  • EN 1946-2,
  • EN 12664,
  • EN 12667,
  • EN 12939
  • (resp. DIN 52612)
  • =guarded hot plate method

until 1990

TU Dresden, Division for Scientific Instrument Manufacture and Research Technology, Developments to first measurement instrument according to improved hot wire method "Thermal Conductivity Test Tool WMG1"


Company Founding in Dresden, Main product is the new measurement instrument according to improved hot wire method "Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter WMG2"


Move to Zellescher Weg 24, 01217 Dresden.


First Guarded Hot Plate Apparatus:
"Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter WMG2 with Single Plate Apparatus EP500"


New Device Generation:
"Single-Plate Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter EP500"


New Device Generation:
"Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter EP500e"


Move to Gutzkowstraße 30, 01069 Dresden.


25-years' Company Anniversary


"Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter EP500e"


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