Characteristics and Operations Scope

The pipe thermal conductivity test tool λ-Meter RP1000 is a test arrangement for measuring the absolute values of thermal conductivity and thermal resistance of insulating material for piping in accordance with ISO 8497, section 7.3 and DIN EN 1946-5 paragraph This means that the test arrangement is equipped with protective cylinders and/or heat controlled pipe ends. The tool design is most advanced. It provides high test accuracy as required by test institutes. The testing time is short and compatible to the needs of internal factory production control. 

The preferred use of the tool is the testing of pipe insulations. It is suitable for test institutes and research by (university) institutes as well as for quality monitoring of insulation material manufacturers. 

The application of micro-systems technology and other modern technologies to the design of the test cylinder and sheath facilitate comparatively high accuracy in testing. An intelligent microprocessor control provides ideal test parameters without manual operations for the internal regulation of the heating and cooling cycles. It enables the fast and efficient production of a stationary temperature field within the test zone. 

The Pipe-Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter RP1000 is offered to manufacturers of insulating material in a standard version for the evaluation of λ40 as part of the internal production control. It can however be modified to higher or more specific needs of a test institute or manufacturer. This modification can essentially complete serial tests of up to three subsequent tests on one specimen at any temperature between 10...40 °C. 

The operations of the pipe thermal conductivity test tool λ-Meter RP 1000 are in the range of λ = 10...100 mW/m·K. This allows you to test all materials used on insulating pipes and provides improved test accuracy.

If a serial test is done the tool can also compute λ40, R40 and TK (temperature coefficient of thermal conductivity) based on the individual test results by applying linear regression.

The Pipe-Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter RP1000 can test the thermal conductivity at exactly the desired test temperature. Its heat control does not switch off when thermal conditions within the specimen are almost stationary to allow for adjusting to the test temperature.

For the evaluation of λ10 on the test tool only a single test is needed. This contrasts with a series of up to three different temperatures needed on other tools. 

The Pipe-Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter RP1000 is reliable over a long period of time. Deviations will not occur even after many years of service.

The operation and handling of the pipe thermal conductivity test tool λ-Meter RP1000 is easy and straight-forward. It does not require a special skill or training. Working hours needed for operating the tool are limited.

The Pipe-Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter RP1000 does not require a temperature-controlled environment. Any room will do. It does however require mains connection. The tool is not noisier than a desktop PC and does not develop a lot of heat.

The use of high-performance peltier coolers in combination with an advanced process control for achieving stationary thermal conditions within the specimen ensure that test periods are kept as short as physically possible.

The Pipe-Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter RP1000 is offered and supplied together with a software package that is Windows-based (all versions). This package, called “RP1000-Control Program” facilitates a more convenient handling of the tool. It also includes comprehensive options for evaluation, processing and electronic filing of test results. It’s the key to an all-inclusive and full service.

The Pipe-Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter RP1000 has an automatic failure report and analysis system as well as an advanced service software. It is inbuilt in the “RP1000-Control Program”. It processes and selectively transmits relevant data including the time-graphs of all 17 (!) heat and control signals to the tool manufacturer. Transmission is done electronically directly from the tool-linked PC.

Companies that are ISO 9000 certified or planning to do so, can ask for a tool configuration that allows regular verification of the accuracy of the Pipe-Thermal Conductivity Test Tool λ-Meter RP1000. This configuration allows the owner to check and verify anytime that testing of the individual properties and signals needed for evaluation of thermal conductivity is still done with the same accuracy. Those values especially specimen surface temperature, measurement voltage and measurement current as well as gap control and counter heater details can be taken and checked by inserting a high-precision digital voltmeter into multi-coloured plugs situated at rear of the tool.

A diagnosis of the tool over distance by Lambda-Meßtechnik GmbH Dresden can also be done. In that case the tool owner will be sent a report confirming the long-term reliability of the individuals test signals that are relevant for the calculation of thermal conductivity. The user then has to output the internal data by using the service module of the “RP1000-Control Program” and send it to the tool manufacturer by e-mail.